PEMS Testing and Real Driving Emissions

At a glance

Millbrook provides accurate and repeatable Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test data on the test track and on the road. It uses its Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) test equipment for product benchmarking and accreditation tests for programmes such as the HGV accreditation scheme and CVRAS.

Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test facility at Millbrook with car, truck and van fitted with PEMS equipment
Bus emissions test cycle on a London bus fitted with PEMS test equipment

As well as performing real driving emissions tests against the vehicle emissions regulations, Millbrook’s PEMS equipment is used for emissions development, investigations, vehicle air quality evaluations, research and product benchmarking using procedures such as the LowCVP HGV accreditation scheme.

Bus fitted with PEMS test equipment driving on public road as part of a bus emissions test cycle

Real Driving Emissions Test Routes

For an RDE test, the vehicle is driven in a range of conditions over a range of roads. Variable conditions include:

  • Altitude
  • Temperature
  • Vehicle payload
  • Driving style
  • Acceleration rate
  • Vehicle speed
  • Idle time

Millbrook is able to develop application-specific test routes or RDE-compliant routes in the area required by the customer. The roads in that location are assessed to develop the route before it is physically driven. The route is then evolved it to meet the target requirements.

Millbrook has a number of RDE-compliant routes on the public highway and on its safe and secure test tracks. These route profiles can be driven on the emissions chassis dynamometers, providing high levels of repeatability and allowing the cycles to be tested at any temperature between -20°C and 50°C.

PEMS Test Equipment and Correlation

Millbrook currently offers the following specification of equipment:

  • Manufacturer: Sensors Inc.
  • Model: 3 x Ecostar, 2 x LDV
  • Measurement capability
    • 1Hz CH4, HC, CO, NOx species, NO, NO2, O2, CO2 and particulate number
    • Dual FID capable to measure simultaneously Methane and total Hydrocarbons (HC)

It supports static, bus/coach, HGV, off-highway, non-road mobile machinery, light commercial vehicles and passenger car RDE/PEMS test applications. Millbrook can replicate customer test programmes using a wide range of facilities, including its private test tracks, climatic emissions chassis dynamometers and climatic chambers.

Millbrook’s data processing tool has been developed in house independently of any particular make of PEMS test equipment. This ensures freedom of data input and allows Millbrook to meet reactive customer requirements during Research and Development (R&D) test programmes.

Millbrook has a large, dedicated workshop for PEMS testing, situated next door to its other emissions measurement laboratories to offer greater flexibility for test programmes. PEMS test equipment is correlated to chassis dynamometers to ensure that it meets the regulatory correlation requirements.

Market Surveillance PEMS Testing

Millbrook can support light and heavy duty vehicle market surveillance testing to the applicable regulations using its PEMS emissions test facilities and equipment.

PEMS Testing Approvals

Millbrook has facility approval from the VCA for RDE testing to RDE Package 4. The approval covers light duty vehicle testing to EU 2017/1154 (2018/1832).