Indoor Winter Test Facilities

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Millbrook’s indoor winter test facilities in Northern Finland give highly repeatable test results, whatever the weather outside.

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Car driving on ice in indoor winter test facility with cold-weather vehicle tracks at Test World in Ivalo, Finland

The 1.6km of cold-weather vehicle test tracks offer the perfect space, security and controlled conditions for driven tests in a cold environment with or without a low friction surface.

Electric vehicle cold weather test in an indoor winter test facility at Test World in Ivalo, Finland

Indoor Facilities

They are fully equipped with vehicle charging infrastructure and enable simultaneous, controlled and repeatable testing on:

  • snow
  • ice
  • wet asphalt
  • dry asphalt

This allows winter testing to be performed 365 days a year.

The indoor winter test facilities allow speeds in excess of 100km/h and offer independent control of surface temperature and air temperature.

In addition, a series of cold boxes with direct access onto the test tracks can be used to soak vehicles to -40°C prior to testing.


Test tracks can be converted for split-μ (mu) and μ-jump testing of Anti-Lock Braking (ABS) and Traction Control (TC) systems.

They are used for tests including brake noise, snow ingress, cold start and driveability, and for winter tyre development and certification.

Dry braking in an indoor winter tyre testing facility at Test World, Ivalo, Finland
Wet brake testing at indoor winter tyre test facility in Finland - Test World
Indoor cold-weather vehicle testing on a snow track at Test World, Ivalo, Finland
Indoor tire snow handling test on a winter proving ground track at Test World, Ivalo, Finland
Closeup of ice braking winter tyre test

The Test World Indoor Facility allows Kenda to do affordable winter testing in the summer months. This has the advantage of shortening development cycles, therefore getting our products to market in a shorter time.Frits van der Steege, Kenda Rubber Industrial Co. Europe GmbH