Special Vehicles

Utilising automotive engineering knowledge and extensive test facilities to produce vehicles with enhanced capabilities.

The team has extensive skills in systems integration, ballistic protection, powertrain modifications and vehicle dynamics.

The design and systems integration results in a converted vehicle aligned to an overt, discreet or covert profile depending on the end user. It can include the installation of communications, specialist electronic equipment, ballistic and blast protection using a variety of materials. In addition, powertrain conversions from internal combustion engine powered vehicles to hybrid or electric propulsion offer another utilisation of the broad engineering experience of the team.

Whether single vehicle bespoke prototype modifications or small series production, the work takes place at Millbrook's independent site, providing security and confidentiality.

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Powertrain Changes

Millbrook can convert ICE-powered vehicles to be hybrid or fully electric to reduce CO2 and pollutant emissions.

  • Technology assessment and selection
  • Vehicle integration design and prototyping
  • Low volume production


Millbrook offers a range of discreet protected vehicles, with ballistic and blast protection to various certification levels.

These vehicles include suspension and brake upgrades to ensure the dynamic performance of the base vehicle is not compromised.


Millbrook undertakes special projects to integrate communications and electronics into vehicles. The engineering process is conducted sympathetically to the vehicle platform, ensuring the OEM’s base vehicle is not compromised.

The whole life cycle of a programme typically involves:

  • Base vehicle assessment and selection
  • Design and systems integration
  • Verification and validation production
  • Through life support and ILS
  • Driver training

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