Tracks and Facilities

Millbrook has outstanding test tracks in two wonderful locations in the UK and Finland.

Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK contains an unrivalled combination of tracks suitable for virtually every vehicle test. Millbrook's proving grounds in Finland are home to superb indoor and outdoor winter test tracks.

Millbrook is one of Europe’s leading locations for the development and demonstration of every type of tyre and land vehicle.

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Track Testing - UK

The test tracks at Millbrook Proving Ground are some of the finest available commercially anywhere in the world.

Custom-built to simulate the world’s toughest terrains, they provide an invaluable test and development resource at a single, secure and well supported site.

The on-road tracks include the famous Millbrook Hill Route, which simulates challenging European roads, the High Speed Circuit and numerous special surfaces.

Set in 100 acres of hilly countryside, the Millbrook off-road tracks provide a comprehensive range of terrains for every type of vehicle from soft-roaders to full high-mobility military-specification vehicles.

Track Testing – Finland

Millbrook’s winter test facility, Test World, is based in Northern Finland and specialises in vehicle and tyre testing in winter conditions.

It has extensive snow and ice tracks and the world’s first indoor winter test facilities, making testing on natural snow, ice, and wet and dry asphalt available twelve months of the year.

Test World prepares the snow and ice tracks to give consistent, repeatable test results that are highly valued by tyre and passenger car test teams alike.

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Filming, Video and Photo Shoots

Millbrook provides a great, secure location for photo shoots and filming vehicles in action.

Experienced teams have worked with all sizes of shoot, from 3 to 300 people, and understand the needs and challenges that go with filming and photographic work.

Driver Training

Millbrook’s facilities are perfectly suited for carrying out a wide range of driver training scenarios.

Millbrook hosts training organisations and offers bespoke packages in:

  • Advanced driver training
    • Limit and beyond-limit handling
    • Accident avoidance
    • Anti-hijack
    • Other specialist training techniques
  • Skid control and hazard awareness
    • Theory and practical with the use Millbrook's own skid cars
  • Off-road driving techniques using Millbrook's world-class track facilities
  • Trailer training – theory and practical

Electric Chargers

There are chargers on site at Millbrook Proving Ground to suit different vehicles.

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In Finland, Both AC and ultrafast DC chargers are available installed in workshops and outdoors.

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