A unique facility for evaluation of powertrains, transmissions, dynamics, braking and active systems.

  • Tarmac road surface 6m wide with flush kerbs/Armco as required
  • Nominally one way
  • Total length of circuit 6.5km
  • Gradients from 6.5% to 26%



  • One way facility
  • Tarmac road surface 6m wide with flush kerbs
  • Total length of circuit 2.69km

2a. Laybys and ‘Bus stops’

2b. Start of down slope (6.5% for 100m)

2c. Start of up slope (7.2% for 870m)

2d. Transmission ridges (8 @ 15m CRS)

2e. 7.2% Layby

2f. Transmission ridges (9 @ 15m CRS)

2g. End 7.2% up

2h. Laybys and ‘Bus stop’

2i. Start of down slope (6.7% for 320m)

2j. End of 6.7%

2k. Access to Loop 2

2l. Access to Loop 3


  • One way facility
  • Tarmac road surface 6m wide with flush kerbs
  • Total length of circuit 655m

3a. Start of down slope (120m, 9m fall)

3b. Start of up slope (200m, 22m rise 11.6% for 130m)

3c. Start of down slope (225m, 22m fall 11.6% for 150m)

3d. Reversing bay (11.6% for 60m)

3e. Start of up slope (120m 9m rise)

3f. 11.6% Return

  • One way facility except 26%
  • Tarmac road surface 6m wide with flush kerbs
  • Longest circuit length 1.29km
  • Total length of circuit 2.99km

4a. Start of up slope (250m, 28m rise 14% for 130m)

4b. 21% Bypass road

4c. Start of down slope (105m, 11m fall)

4d. Start of up slope (240m, 42m rise 21% for 170m)

4e. Layby

4f. Start of down slope (350m, 52m fall 21% for 100m) and (14% Steady 85m)

4g. Start of up slope (145m, 8.5m rise 14%)

4h. Start of down slope (135m, 16.5m fall 14% for 100m)

4i. Start of down slope (200m, 18m fall 17% for 50m)

4j. Start of up slope (110m, 15m rise 17% for 45m)

4k. Start of down slope (140m, 26m fall 26% for 95m)

  • Concrete pavement

  • One way facility – always counter clockwise

  • Breaking pads at 4 locations (235m long * 5.5m)

  • Braking pads 2 and 3 have speed humps

  • Braking pad 4 has wind break facility

  • Hard shoulder between braking pads

  • Half width safety lane at outside of facility

  • Test speeds in excess of 150mph



Lane Surface Width Neutral Steer Speed Clearance Under Bridge Circumference Guide Speeds
    km/h mph   km miles km/h mph
1 3.58m 65 40 7m 3.17 1.97 16-64 10-40
2 3.65m 80 50 6.7m 3.20 1.99 48-96 30-60
3 3.65m 95 60 6.2m 3.22 2.00 80-113 50-70
4 4.00m 120 75 5.7m 3.24 2.01 96-161 60-100
5 4.40m 160 100 4.5m 3.27 2.03 145min 90min
Nominal Figures

  • One way facility
  • Total length of circuit 1.2km
  • Tarmac pavement min 6m wide
  • Various markings for city driving emulation

6a. Reversing bays

6b. Variable troughs/hump profiles

6c. Hump

6d. Parking bays

  • One way facility
  • Concrete pavement 6m wide with varying camber (including negative)
  • Total length of circuit 1.39km

Exceptionally large circular surface, suitable for a vast range of applications that require uninterrupted space and customisable features. 50m radius can be wetted with the central sprinkler system.

8a. 137m diameter concrete pad with nominal 1 in 80 fall to centre for drainage

8b. Air bag/suspension abuse kerbs/ramps

8c. Hardstanding (asphalt)

8d. Access roads

8e. Sprinkler system


Large, flat surface at the heart of the tracks network, ideal for programme support activities.

  • 960 sqm of hardstanding
  • Conference building

  • Asphalt surface laid level end to end (1 mile) with 1 in 80 crossfall
  • Nominally one way - two way running by prior agreement

10a. Roundabout for return

10b. Spiral approach - banked

10c. Start of mile straight

10d. Mile straight (marked for start, 1/2, 3/4, 1km and start, 1/2, 3/4, 1 mile)

10e. End of mile straight (North end)

10f. Banked return loop

10g. Return roundabout

10h. Mile Straight Apron (5750 sq m asphalt)

10i. Lower approach (normal entrance to facility)

10j. Layby

Structural twist testing for market-specific passenger car and light truck applications

  • Concrete construction
  • Ramp c has radiused inflection points (dimensions are nominal on centre line)

11a. 16º + 8º

11b. 12º + 4.5º

11c. 0º + 12º

Evaluation of extreme hill capability including winch performance, suitable for all classes of vehicle including large military and off-highway.

12a. 20% sine slope (80m, 2 way 6m concrete pavement)

12b. 25% sine slope (66m, 2 way 6m concrete pavement) with split friction rollers

12c. Split friction rollers

12d. Winch anchor post

12e. Gravel (25m, 12% loose surface)

12f. Reverse dock barrier

Varying pitch and amplitude Sine Waves, both in and out of phase, for high frequency input to vehicle interior and structure.

  • Concrete waves of differing amplitude and pitch
  • Low and medium have 50% out of phase strip

  Pitch Amplitude Facility Length
High 610mm 50.8mm 91.45m
Medium 915mm 12.5mm 91.45m
Low 305mm 6.5mm 91.45m

Undulating surface, both in and out of phase, inducing maximum suspension travel and high amplitude low frequency input to vehicle structure.

14a. Concrete pavement 3m wide laid to 'random' inclinations. 50% out of phase strip (length 738m)

Range of surfaces and constructions to generate interior noise for vehicle refinement purposes.

15a. Concrete pavement with transverse sawcuts (9mm x 3mm @ 28mm CRS - 90m x 2.1m width)

15b. Chipping surface – Large granite chippings set in concrete pavement (228m x 2.1m width)

15c. Strip of cat's eyes (44 cat's eyes along 90m length)

15d. Strip of 'chipping surface' (one wheel, 0.6m wide and 152m long)

Fast evaluation of NVH, durability and vehicle structures using an industry-standard surface.

  • One way facility
  • 1.45km of engineered block paving
  • Total length of circuit 1.52km
  • Pavement width 6m
  • Straight section laid 'rough' with cross ditches and random depressions
  • Bends banked and laid 'smooth'

16a. Start of Belgian Pavé

16b. 61.0m radius bend, 7.5º bank

16c. 47.5m radius bend, 10º bank

16d. 47.5m radius bend, 10º bank

16e. 47.5m radius bend, 10º bank

16f. 61.0m radius bend, 7.5º bank

16g. End of Belgian Pavé. Shallow water trough for damper cooling

16h. Layby

Wet surface with split capability for the calibration and evaluation of primary safety systems.

  • 78m of wetted checkerboard, polished concrete and rough surface
  • Total length of circuit 640m

Noise measurement to international standards.

  • Asphalt surface to ISO 10844
  • Return loops each end
  • Secluded and exclusive location, with nominal ambient sound pressure levels of 36db(A)
  • Compliant to ISO 10844:2011; Test track specifications for measuring noise emitted by road vehicles and their tyres

  • Compliance includes geometric dimensions and sound absorption characteristics

  • Total length of noise surface 26m

Torsional chassis inputs for the development of vehicle structures and corrosion protection.

  • Series of 10 handed angled humps (tarmac construction)
  • Each hump 4.6m length 140mm high

Shallow and deep wading performance. Accelerated evaluation of corrosion protection, carefully tailored to any world market.

  • One way facility

20a. Mud/wading trough. Water wading to 1m (sloping sides for inclined wade) or can be used with any mud

20b. Grit trough (with 2 offset suspension humps) 15m length

20c. Deep wade trough (up to 1.2m deep x 90m length)

20d. Salt splash trough. 6mm nominal salt solution depth (90m length x 3.6m wide)

20e. Enveloping salt spray rings

Suspension and structure evaluation for large, specialist vehicles.

  • Generally of tarmac construction with features in concrete
  • Total length of circuit 674m

21a. Truck rough track (2 @ 167m, 230 square blocks 25/50mm projection)

21b. Military setts (73m, 230mm x 1220mm blocks projecting 50mm)

21c. Max pothole

21d. Kerbs (100mm, 30º, 45º and 90º)

21e. Anchor plates for kerbs/abuse

21f. Anchor plates/pits for kerbs/abuse

21g. 150mm kerb

21h. 100mm kerb

21i. Potholes (100mm and 120mm)

21j. Concrete Steps - Calibrated 90º steps: 7.5m x 0.35m, 0.5m, 0.75m, 1.0m

21k. Gap Crossing – Variable gap ditch crossing: 1.0m - 3.0m in 0.2m steps

A unique facility for evaluation of powertrains, transmissions, dynamics, braking and active systems.

22a. Facility entrance

22b. Offset Sinusoidals

22c. Sand Pit

22d. Horse Shoes

22e. Dragons Back

22f. Heydon Hill

22g. Severe Off-Road

24h. Jungle Trail

22i. Sand Road

A substantial facility for understanding in-water performance.

  • Length 26m at depth
  • Width 8m at depth
  • Max depth 0.75m
  • Variable depth
  • Two entrance

Road ridges for the evaluation of suspension refinement and durability across either or both vehicle sides.

  • 5 LH and 5 RH concrete bumps
  • 50mm high x 125mm projection
  • Hardcore road

Road ridges for the evaluation of suspension refinement and durability across both vehicle sides.

  • 4 full width 3m bumps
  • 50mm high x 125 projection
  • Hardcore road

Repeatable structural twist and high suspension articulation for vehicles with extreme terrain capability.

  • Series of twists for improved medium mobility vehicles at variable centres
  • Centre drives for 300mm clearance/twist
  • Edge drives for 500mm clearance/twist

A commonly traversed surface in high mobility operations, similar to dry river beds.

  • Granite boulders/some set into concrete base
  • Length 45m
  • Width 3.5m
  • Nominally for improved medium mobility vehicles

Amphibious vehicle landing simulation with variable depth.

  • Landing craft simulation
  • Length 20.5m at depth
  • Width 4m
  • Maximum depth 1.5m
  • 23º approach angle

Repeatable simulation of extreme damaged surfaces, ideal for providing severe suspension inputs.

  • Tapered profile
  • Width/length 7m
  • Profile width (1m - 1.85m)
  • Profile depth (290mm - 550mm)

  • Height 150mm
  • Trapezoidal profile 900mm base and 350mm apex x 150mm high
  • 14m long (variable angle approach)

Evaluating forest track capability for Off-Road vehicles of all sizes.

  • 2 sets of random ditches
  • By-pass road to each set
  • Ditch spacing variable (7.5m - 20m)
  • Ditch depth variable (0.4m - 0.7m)

Repeatable simulation of extreme battlefield surfaces.

  • 4 cross phased concrete holes
  • Depth 750mm (can be reduced)
  • Pitch 4.8m
  • 1.9m phasing
  • Sides nominally 45º

Evaluating specialist all-terrain capability across one of the most challenging surfaces.

  • Series of loose logs
  • Log diameter 200mm - 300mm
  • Length 7m x 4.5m

Repeatable low frequency inputs replicating common structural features from developing regions.

  • Asynchronous undulating log surface
  • Length 18m
  • Maximum width 4m
  • Amplitude approximately 350mm

A challenging specialist terrain for high mobility vehicles.

  • Series of random steps
  • Timber noses and loose surfaces
  • Length 11m
  • Width 2.5m
  • Climb in

The ultimate hill for capability evaluation and demonstration.

  • 45º concrete slope
  • Length at gradient 9.75m
  • Width 3.5m

Tilt performance evaluation with side mounds to prevent roll-over.

  • Concrete construction
  • Length on slope 36m
  • Width 4.5m
  • Safety bank at base

Repeatable hill performance evaluation facility of significant length, simulating gravel-based terrains.

38a. 29% gradient

38b. 25% gradient

38c. 30% gradient

38d. 35% gradient (also see 35% Gravel Hill and 155º Breakover)

  • Medium mobility breakover
  • 38m up slope @ 35%

  • Nominal 17% climb
  • 100m of twisting loose surface
  • Nominal 20º cross slopes LH and RH
  • Lower LH bend built as gulley
  • Lower bend slopes both sides

Repeatable hill performance evaluation facility of significant length, simulating sand-based terrains.

41a. 37% silt/soil

41b. 34% sand

41c. 33% sand on natural gravel foundation

41d. 30% sand hill

Capability evaluation feature for mud track operations.

Structural twist testing for market-specific passenger car and light truck applications

  • Series of 3 large ditches
  • Sand/silt surface
  • Maximum ditch depth 3.5m

Capability evaluation and whole-vehicle testing during one of the most challenging conditions for high mobility vehicles.

  • Short slide slope climb
  • Clay and silt surface
  • Vehicle twist approach and departure

A series of offset humps designed to induce maximum axle articulation for small and medium sized Off-Road vehicles.

  • Nominal 3m centres
  • Nominal 0.4m depth

Consistent, engineered features to challenge all-terrain capability and accelerate structural testing for extreme conditions.

45a. Reversing road - 190m long compacted and blinded stone

45b. Intermediate twist ditches - 23 engineered opposed 45º concrete ditches in unmade road (316m circuit, 108m ditches)

45c. Water holes - 11 nominally sinusoidal ditch profiles with water in base (135m circuit, nominal depth 355mm)

45d. South trail (275m long x 4.5m nominal unpaved road)

45e. Ripple road (275m long series of nominally sinusoidal section humps and ditches in unmade road)

45f. North trail (275m long x 4.5m nominal unpaved road)

45g. Max twist ditches

45h. Articulation gauges

Highly aggressive road surface popular in many markets, ideal for accelerated testing of suspension, structures, corrosion, refinement and whole-vehicle durability.

  • Two way loose surfaced road
  • 750m of 6m nominal width

46a. Turn around

46b. Steady incline (178m @ 9.1%)

46c. Turn around

Graded surface simulating one of the world’s most common and aggressive road types.

  • One way facility
  • Loose unsurfaced road, dressed with gravel
  • Total length of circuit 1.54km
  • 4.5m min width

47a. Start of circuit

47b. 21% up

47c. 21% down

47d. 15% up

47e. 15% down

47f. End of gravel road

47g. Rev Hill

A calibrated concrete slope used for gradeability, mobility, and hill hold brake tests.

  • 31 degree slope
  • 4.5m wide

A specialist Off-Road facility of offset articulation ditches of varying pitch.

  • A series of deep holes
  • 40m in length
  • Max. 1m deep

Anchor points to support the deployment of a winch recovery truck on an Off-Road slope.

  • 2 ground screw foundations to support feet of winch truck
  • Capable of 35 tonne loads per shackle
  • Capable of 50 tonne load on both

Two large pits filled with gravel used to test the tractability of the vehicle.

  • One pit containing 28mm gravel, the second containing 10mm gravel
  • Gravel size can be changed

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