Type Approval Testing

Vehicle, system and component certification and homologation services in the UK and Finland.

Millbrook’s type approval expertise covers all types of vehicles and tyres for existing and proposed legislation for the UK, EU and other regions.

Millbrook offers a one-stop-shop for expert legislative advice, negotiation with authorities, test programme development, project management and production of technical drawings and formal documentation.

It has all the knowledge and equipment required to test and verify that a vehicle conforms to the relevant regulations anywhere in the World.

The Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) maintains an office at Millbrook’s proving ground in the UK. The resident VCA engineers can witness customer test work conducted in the laboratories.

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Millbrook assists its customers with the interpretation and application of legal provisions, specific legislative and regulatory requirements and approval processes.

Millbrook provides technical services for:

  • Vehicle Certification Agency
  • RDW
  • VSCC Authorised Laboratory for Taiwan
  • RVCS Test Facility for Australia
  • TRIAS Accreditation Laboratories for Japan
Millbrook type approval and homologation services, tilt testing

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