Tyre Testing

Millbrook’s existing tyre testing facilities in the UK are complemented by Test World in Finland, part of Millbrook since September 2015. Test World is the premier test facility for winter tyres. Innovative indoor facilities allow testing on natural snow throughout the year.

The teams in Finland and the UK can undertake the full suite of tests necessary during tyre development and tyre certification. With two locations and the indoor facilities at Test World, Millbrook is a one-stop-shop for all tyre tests.

The team in Finland is expert at preparing snow and ice tracks. Customers report very high levels of repeatability throughout the  testing season.

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Tyre Development Testing

Controlled conditions and unique, word-class facilities.

Test World has always specialised in tyre testing under winter and summer conditions, throughout the year. 

Test World’s tyre development test services include:

  • Snow acceleration and braking*
  • Ice acceleration and braking*
  • Snow handling, objective and subjective*
  • Ice handing, objective and subjective
  • Constant radius snow and ice
  • Wet and dry braking*
  • Longitudinal aquaplaning*
  • Wet handing, objective and subjective
  • Dry handing, objective and subjective
  • Tyre wear and durability tests
  • Accelerated stud wear tests*
  • Studded tyre road wear tests

*These tests can be carried out throughout the year using indoor facilities

Indoor Facilities: Year-Round Winter Testing

Test World Indoor 1 and 2 are the world's first indoor vehicle and tyre-testing facilities designed for year-round use, resulting in significant savings in overall product development costs.

Indoor facilities enable year-round testing in winter conditions on natural snow and ice. The surfaces are carefully managed to give excellent test results. From 2018 three new indoor areas are available. They increase the capacity for testing on natural snow and ice and introduce wet and dry braking and aquaplaning. The adjustable temperature and humidity give an advantage to development, certification and labelling testing by allowing greater environmental control.

Testing on snow and ice

For subjective testing, Test World offers a closed-circuit snow handling track measuring 350m x 9m. For objective acceleration and braking work, it offers two snow and ice platforms with a maximum combined length of 410m.

Test World has extended the existing indoor snow and ice platform by adding a second area. They are sufficient to test the largest tyres (C3) used on trucks and buses, as well as to test brakes on passenger cars at higher speeds than were possible in the original facility.

Wet and dry braking and aquaplaning

Two new asphalted facilities are situated alongside the snow and ice platforms for performing wet and dry braking and longitudinal aquaplaning tests. They can be operated separately or together with a combined length of 410m.

These new facilities mean that the site now provides the majority of objective tests required by tyre manufacturers on one site, year-round.

Tyre Certification and Labelling

Test World performs certification and labelling tests:

  • All tyre categories and tests, including C1, C2, C3 and retreaded tyres
  • R117/R109 snow braking for C1/C2*
  • R117/R109 snow acceleration for C3*
  • ASTM1805 US snowflake - from Q3 2019*
  • R117 spin traction for C1/C2 - from Q3 2019*
  • ISO 19447 ice grip*
  • R117/EC1222 wet braking
  • R117/EC1222 pass-by noise
  • 408/2003, 466/2009 / SFS7503 studded tyre road wear (over run)

*These tests can be carried out throughout the year using Test World’s indoor winter test facilities

Testing for Magazines

Test World annually conducts Europe’s most extensive summer and winter tyre tests.

Test selection tailored for magazines and other media has been developed over many years and covers full vehicles and components, from tyres and roof racks to motor oil and child seats.

Facilities include a dynamometer, emission measurement equipment, a cold store and all the equipment required for car performance and handling measurements.


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