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Millbrook supports engine and vehicle development, calibration and testing for emissions, fuel consumption, energy and range. It serves global automotive, fuel and lubricant markets and designs test programmes to meet customers’ objectives, working both to Regulatory standards and customer-specific requirements. It offers battery testing, enabling customers to: assess the performance of battery cells, modules and packs; determine pack performance during a crash event; and subject batteries to a range of environmental conditions.

Facilities for engines include a wide range of test cells. Millbrook offers chassis dynamometers with climatic capabilities for both light and heavy duty vehicles. All of these include full CVS emissions measurement systems for development and certification to Euro 6 and VI standards.

Millbrook is expert in track-based and Real Driving Emissions (RDE) testing, working with Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) from all major manufacturers.


Vehicle Emissions Laboratory

Repeatable and reliable testing for exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.

Millbrook is at the forefront of helping vehicle manufacturers, Tier 1s, converters and fuel and lubricant companies develop clean automotive technology, designing programmes to measure and assess impacts on air pollution and fuel economy.

Millbrook’s 4WD climatic emissions chassis dynamometer operates at temperatures between −20°C and +50°C and is used to measure:

  • Vehicle emissions (air quality)
  • CO2
  • Fuel consumption
  • Electric Consumption and Range
  • Performance
  • Climatic performance

of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles under repeatable conditions.

It is compliant with current and known future European Federal and Japanese light duty emissions regulations including Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP), and is suitable for gasoline, diesel, LPG, CNG, hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicles.

Large Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber

The largest environmental test chamber can accommodate anything up to a double decker bus and contains a heavy duty emissions chassis dynamometer.

  • Temperature range: -30°C to +50°C
  • Fully transient 48 inch single roll chassis dynamometer capable of up to 20,000kgs inertia simulation
  • Multi-venturi CVS system for engine tailpipe and bag emissions sample
Power Hub Emissions Testing

Portable Emissions Measurement

Latest on-board systems are available, from each of the major suppliers, helping to increase fuel efficiency and reduce tailpipe emissions through repeatable, correlated testing and analysis.

Type-approval emission requirements for motor vehicles have been tightened significantly through the Euro standards. While there have been emissions reductions across a range of regulated pollutants, further improvements in this area are required in order to improve air quality.

Millbrook has conducted numerous projects across light duty, heavy duty and off-road vehicle types to provide results representative of real-world driving conditions. Key data helps shape future fuel and vehicle technologies, including gaseous measurements of CO, NOx, NO, NO2, CO2 and O2 and particulate measurements.

Engine Testing Technology Centre

Millbrook’s engine testing cells include a range of eddy-current, transient and high dynamic dynamometers up to 600kW to conduct anything from engine durability and validation testing through to research and development work.

The centre benefits from continual updates and expansion as part of Millbrook’s multi-million pound Powertrain investment programme. Latest addition includes four new cells designed primarily for CEC fuels testing.

Engine Test capabilities include:

  • Latest test cell automation software and hardware
  • Up to 600kW high dynamic dynamometers
  • Cold climatic capability, down to -30°C
  • Road Load Simulation
  • Full CVS emissions system
  • Extensive emissions measurement capability
  • Gigabit Combustion measurement
  • Full DOE capability with real time controllers and online optimisation
  • CEC fuels testing
  • Fuel blending up to 1000L
  • Bulk and special fuels capability



Powertrain Engine Testing

Engine and Component Strip, Rate and Build

Engine Strip, Rate and Build

Millbrook offers engine strip, rate and build services which meet strict OEM standards. It uses market-leading equipment to ensure excellent measurement and photographic quality.

Fault reporting includes top-quality high resolution and macro photography of the components, with an option securely to access a live stream from the laboratory.

Millbrook’s highly experienced team conducts controlled engine component ratings and evaluations. They apply stringent quality procedures to measure function, performance and build quality using standard and tailored methodologies.

  • Dedicated and secure clean rooms
  • Complete customer confidentiality with secure access
  • Four strip, rate and build bays with full component layout areas
  • Secure online conferencing with live ultra-high-quality video and photography
  • Optimised lighting with fixed component and camera position to ensure consistency
  • Fully networked to external customers




Battery and E-Propulsion Testing

Millbrook enables customers to: assess the performance of battery cells, modules and packs; determine pack performance during a crash event; and subject batteries to a range of environmental conditions.

Millbrook offers 48V hybrid test cell capability, full EV durability testing and electric machine and inverter testing. Its facilities are suitable for a range of tests on the latest generation of vehicle powertrains – including mild hybrids (MHEV), plug-in hybrids (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV).

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