Assessing Partition Screens in Taxis and PHVs

At a glance

Millbrook can assess a partition screen installation on a vehicle and provide an installation compliance report on behalf of TfL.

Aerial of Millbrook Proving Ground test track in the UK
Millbrook Tfl Phv Vehicle Safety Partition Screen Assessment

Assessment applicants will need to provide the following information to Millbrook for preliminary review:

  1. Evidence that the screen material meets the required standard (ECE R43.00) as applicable for either a rigid or flexible plastic glazing partition
  2. If curtain airbags are fitted, details of the curtain airbag deployment pattern and its expected interaction with the partition

Have all the information?

Once Millbrook has the above information, the vehicle can be physically assessed in order to provide a partition screen compliance and installation report for TfL. Millbrook will consider the appropriateness of the partition screen and installation process for specific models of vehicles in accordance with automotive standards, with a separate assessment required for each vehicle type.