Vehicle Testing

Millbrook’s experienced engineers and project managers work with customers globally on a wide range of programmes.

Millbrook provides subjective and objective measurement, robustness and durability tests and supports the design and development of vehicles.

The teams of engineers are backed up by a wide range of testing facilities in the UK and Finland, including component test laboratories, environmental chambers, noise measurement sites and over 2,200 acres of proving grounds with specialist tracks, surfaces and indoor and outdoor facilities replicating almost all driving conditions for real-time and accelerated life cycle tests.

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Full Vehicle Testing

Millbrook offers a comprehensive range of tests on full vehicles using its proving ground and laboratory facilities.  These are designed to support effective and efficient development and  validation of vehicle attributes.


Facilities include:

  • Proving grounds with high speed circuits, hill route including gradients up to 26%, accelerated durability surfaces and features, together with ride and handling tracks and ISO drive-by noise track
  • Corrosion chambers up to 12m x 7m x 3.5m, 50°C and 20% to 100% RH
  • Climatic chambers up to 13.7m x 5.7m x 6m, -60°C to +150°C and up to 98% RH
  • Full vehicle chassis dynamometers including specialist facilities for emissions and fuel consumption, acoustics, cooling and HVAC
  • 4-poster full vehicle durability test facility covering cars through to heavy trucks and buses
  • Hub dynamometers for testing vehicle performance and fuel economy



Capabilities include:

  • Durability schedule development with specialist correlation team
  • Structural durability testing of full vehicles on the proving grounds and in the laboratories
  • Driveline durability testing on the proving grounds and in the laboratories
  • Whole vehicle quality assessment, corrosion and structural durability
  • Refinement (NVH) and drive-by noise assessment and development
  • Vehicle robustness validation
Millbrook Nissan Vehicle Testing Tracks

Vehicle Measurement

Millbrook provides data collection on public roads and proving ground tracks combined with fast and accurate data analysis. It turns data into information to support attribute validation, development and  problem investigation.

Systems and Components Testing

Millbrook provides full support for validation testing of systems and components. It delivers a range of tests covering environmental, durability and performance assessment of body and chassis systems from passenger cars through to heavy trucks and buses.

  • 800m² structural test laboratory including electro-hydraulic ring mains, a reinforced concrete floor grid and a dynamic modular beam system
  • Hydraulic actuators up to 500kN
  • Single and multi axis
  • Road Load Simulation
  • 600°C diesel burners
  • Exhaust durability
  • Stress and strain analysis
  • Vibration testing
  • Multi-axis shake tables
  • MTS RPC drive signal generation
  • nCode Glyphworks durability data processing and analysis
  • Environmental chambers
  • Confidential structural test laboratory for style sensitive BIW testing

Connected and autonomous vehicle testing at Millbrook with bus and ADB cyclist dummy

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Millbrook provides a safe, confidential and controlled environment to validate the dynamic performance of connected and autonomous  vehicle systems and data collection to capture operating parameters.

  • Full range of real world driving scenarios and soft targets
  • Individual tests available on demand

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