Climatic and Environmental Testing

Millbrook provides a comprehensive range of facilities and equipment to replicate real world climatic and environmental conditions for performance analysis.

It has a range of temperature chambers for benchmarking the ability of a vehicle or component to perform to bespoke or customer specified test parameters. For driven tests in a cold environment, Millbrook has a proving ground in Finland with all-year-round winter conditions.

Environmental Chambers

  • 17 environmental chambers
  • Maximum dimensions: 6.3m x 4.3m x 4m
  • Maximum temperature: +180°C
  • Minimum temperature -70°C
  • Maximum rate of change: +5°C/min

Large Climatic Chamber

  • Internal dimensions: 13.7m x 5.7m x 6m
  • Main vehicle door opening: 5.1m high x 5.0m wide
  • Maximum temperature: +85°C
  • Minimum temperature: -60°C

Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber

  • Temperature range: -30°C to +50°C
  • Fully transient 48 inch single roll chassis dyno capable of up to 20,000kg inertia simulation
  • Multi-venturi CVS system for engine tail pipe and bag emissions sample


  • Maximum dimensions: 480mm x 500mm x 430mm (103 litres)
  • Maximum temperature: +500°C

Environmental testing also includes corrosion and contaminate chambers for benchmarking vehicles or components. Testing can be conducted to international standards or to customer-specified test parameters.

Full Vehicle Corrosion Chamber

  • Salt mist and humidity chambers
  • Capacity: 3.5m x 3.5m x 11m (134,750 litres)
  • Temperature range: +50°C and 99% RH
  • Temperature can also be obtained using dry heat
  • Salt splash with body articulation
  • Upper body salt application
  • Coupon mass loss method controlled corrosion

Salt Spray Corrosion Chambers

  • 4 corrosion chambers
  • Dimensions: 2.1m x 0.95m x 1.5m (2,600 litres)
  • Temperature range: amient to +50°C
  • Salt fog fallout rate: 0.5 - 4ml/hour

Dust Chamber

  • Internal dimensions (up to): 2m x 2m x 1.7m (6,800 litres)
  • Dust: various - details available on request


In Finland, Millbrook has 1.6km of indoor test tracks, perfect for driven vehicle tests in a cold environment. It offers ice, snow and wet and dry asphalt surfaces 365 days a year.

  • Adjustable:
    - Air temperature: -13°C to +15°C (default -8°C during summer)
    - Air humidity: 70% to 90% RH
    - Track surface temperature: -10°C to +10°C
  • Maximum vehicle weight 3500kg
  • Maximum vehicle height 2.7m

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