Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Testing

Millbrook offers testing and validation of ADAS features for the development of new systems, utilising the complete range of EuroNCAP approved test equipment and facilities to prove the effectiveness of ADAS systems in both standard and bespoke scenarios.

It has developed a suite of assets and locations for the development, test and validation of autonomous vehicles and their systems.

Both real and virtual environments are available to customers as part of the UK’s controlled, Urban CAV Testbed.

Vehicle Connectivity Testing

Millbrook offers cellular and DSRC connectivity across its secure, configurable and confidential 5G test bed. It offers test procedures and engineers to support connectivity testing and live streaming of multi-channel data with multi-Gbps speeds.

Millbrook provides first class technology demonstration events for network and Internet of Things (IoT) providers to demonstrate connectivity to end users. These include access to fully configurable, confidential event venues with direct access to test tracks and Millbrook’s 5G-enabled network.

5G for Self-Driving Car Testing

Millbrook is hosting the UK 5G test bed for connected and autonomous vehicles.

Real-time connectivity with speeds up to 1Gbps enable accurate location and connectivity trials, support the validation of self-driving cars and accelerate the driverless vehicle testing and development in the UK.

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Instrumentation and Soft Targets

Millbrook tests Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and vehicle active safety features, including those of self-driving cars.

Millbrook’s test facilities and proving grounds allow a wide range of controlled and semi-controlled driving scenarios to be set up for ADAS testing

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Virtual Proving Ground and Simulation

Millbrook offers a Digital Model of its Proving Ground in the UK, which enables vehicle manufacturers to improve the development of ADAS and autonomous systems.

The virtual world can be populated by ego vehicles as well as by swarm traffic and programmed traffic. Virtual vehicles and pedestrians can share the road network following the rules of the road or displaying ad-hoc behaviour.

Human test drivers can interact with this virtual world in full-scale driving simulators, or at desktop workstations with basic steering and pedal controls. This allows drivers to test cars with ADAS systems, to be passengers in a car under the control of a fully autonomous system or to provoke emergency scenarios.

Leading Self-Driving Vehicle Test Facilities

Millbrook has officially opened its Autonomous Village, a 6,300 sq ft facility, built to support the development of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs).

The Autonomous Village comprises six purpose-built workshops constructed to support mechanical, integration and software development for self-driving vehicles, from passenger cars to buses. Whatever the application, the convenience of being able to do mechanical work on the vehicle, download and process data and run directly onto the test tracks and private roads, all from the same location, is invaluable for customers.

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Controlled Urban Test Bed

Millbrook and the UKAEA's RACE operate a test bed for the development of CAV technologies across two sites, offering the full spectrum of controlled to semi-controlled urban environments and 80km of roads.

Investment in infrastructure, 5G emulation, data storage, vehicles and simulation, together with unique access to a 2,000 adult population on a secure site, enables testing to capture all aspects of real-world operation for CAVs. These include Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) and other social impacts.

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