Hub Dynamometer Testing

Millbrook’s hub dynamometers offer highly accurate and adaptable drive cycles to test both vehicle performance and fuel economy.

The control of the vehicle’s engine speed and torque ensures absolute repeatability of drive cycles, allowing direct comparisons between variables such as fuels, vehicles and engine maps.

The accuracy of measurement using a hub dyno is higher than that of a traditional rolling road dynamometer due to the direct interaction between the vehicle hubs and the dyno, negating any power loss through tyre slippage. System inertia is also negligible due to the independent absorption system.

Millbrook’s highly experienced team can calculate the maximum power and torque output of a vehicle in each gear using traditional power curves. Powertrain performance graphs, or torque curves, can be produced directly from the Rototest software as part of the hub dyno test, allowing quick and easy power comparison.

Hub dyno tests include injector deposit accumulation, fuel economy, fuel comparisons, DPF soot loading accumulation and vehicle tuning. An extensive range of data acquisition possibilities includes advanced OBDII parameters.


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