Ride Simulator

Millbrook’s ride simulator is used for accelerated durability testing of 2 to 3 axle vehicles, with axle loads of up to 12 tonnes and gross vehicle weights of  36 tonnes.

The facility is located in a 18m x 11m x 8m test hall and is ideal for testing anything from large commercial and off-road vehicles to passenger cars. Structural durability can be validated on early prototypes and non-running mule vehicles.

Ride Simulator Facility

  • Maximum wheelbase: 15m
  • Actuators: 4 x 160 kN (250 mm stroke, 3 stage valve); 2 x 100 kN  (250 mm stroke, 3 stage valve)
  • Pump capacity: 1,980 L/min
  • Seismic block: 9m x 16m, weighing 1,100 tonnes
  • High pressure air supply for vehicle air suspensions
  • Cooling water and/or forced air to cool suspension units
  • Drive signal iteration:  MTS RPC with 32 response channels; LMS TWR system with 16 response channels
  • nCode Glyphworks
  • LMS Test Lab
  • National Instruments LabView

Applications and capabilities

  • Ride comfort benchmarking and development
  • Modal analysis of complete vehicles to identify resonant responses
  • Rigid body modes
  • Flexible body modes

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