Road Load Data Collection and Correlation Vehicle

Millbrook offers a fully instrumented vehicle for road load data collection and proving ground correlation.

The set-up of instrumentation in the vehicle can be replicated on customer vehicles for data collection on development or benchmark products.

The vehicle:

  • 2017 VW Tiguan 2.0 TSI SEL DSG 4wd
  • Left Hand Drive, UK road-registered
  • Factory accessories include: tow bar, roof box and cycle carrier
  • Advanced driver assistance systems include: AEB and ACC
  • Off-road package

Available for:

  • Proving ground correlation
  • Public road correlation
  • Benchmarking
  • Data collection in any location on most on- and off-highway surfaces
  • Tyre measurement and modelling
  • Vehicle dynamics testing

Fitted with the latest HBM SomatXR data acquisition system:

  • Over 60 channels permanently installed
  • Key channels for structural and powertrain tests
  • DC accelerometers in key locations for road load data
  • HBM strain gauges on key  suspension components
  • Torque measurement on driveshafts and propshaft
  • Wheels and brackets available for wireless wheel force transducers
  • Additional channels can be added  on request

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