Structural Test Laboratory

Millbrook provides full support for validation testing of systems and components at its Leyland site in the UK.

It delivers a range of structural tests covering environmental, durability and performance assessments of vehicle body and vehicle chassis systems. Its structural test laboratory is designed to accomodate anything from passenger cars to heavy trucks and buses.


  • 800m² laboratory
  • Electro-hydraulic ring mains
  • Reinforced concrete floor grid and a dynamic modular beam system
  • Hydraulic actuators up to 500kN
  • Single and multi-axis
  • 600°C diesel burners
  • MTS RPC drive signal generation
  • Multi-axis shake table


  • Stress and strain analysis
  • 4 or 6 point beam axle testing
  • Air suspension axle testing
  • Multi-axis suspension testing
  • 7 axis testing for chassis mounted components
  • Hub fatigue testing
  • Steering system testing
  • Static strength, torsion, bending, fatigue, durability and ultimate strength testing
  • One-off custom rig tests

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