Tilt Testing

Millbrook offers vehicle safety tilt testing facilities.

  • Tilt Table rated to a load of 42,000kg, with an angle of up to 45 degrees
  • Tilt platform area 9.0m x 3.2m
  • Two tilt speeds to allow for fine adjustments at point of roll over
  • Ability to log vehicle data during tilt
  • On-site weighing facilities to ensure accurate vehicle test weight
  • On-site VCA for vehicle certification and RDW technical service
  • Calibrated equipment to ensure precise tilt angle remote control operation allows the operator to watch the vehicle closely from all angles

Applications and Capabilities

  • Provides the ability to test all kinds of vehicles, from small cars and off highway vehicles to the largest military vehicles and double deck buses
  • Determines roll stability requirements, measurement of vehicle roll over angle and height of the vehicle's centre of gravity
  • Variable testing – the tilt table allows testing to the requirements of the customer, whether that is first wheel lift, second wheel lift or all the way to roll over
  • VCA engineers on site
  • RDW approval for ECE R107
  • Approved site for ECE R107 and BS EN 1846-2 (fire appliances)
  • Vehicle roll angles can be logged accurately, independently of the tilt  table angle
  • On-site weighing facilities provide an accurate vehicle weight, along with the ability to measure axle weights and  right-left lateral splits
  • Two different tilt speeds; 0,1 deg/sec  and 0.3 deg/sec
  • Vehicle parameters (e.g. suspension CANBUS) can be logged during the test

To find out more about quazi-static testing and tilt table testing at Millbrook Proving Ground contact us.

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