Passenger Car Workshops

Situated in the middle of the High Speed Circuit, these workshops offer a secure location for vehicle development projects that include track testing.

  • Available on a short or long-term basis
  • Direct access to test tracks and facilities including a range of test laboratories, a High Speed Circuit, urban simulation routes, a Mile Straight, Hill Route, and varied surfaces designed to test structural durability
  • All-inclusive pricing


  • Power - 32A 3-phase, 16A single phase and 13A domestic outlets
  • Power hoist to each workshop bay
  • Vehicle exhaust extraction
  • Compressed air
  • Workbenches and racking
  • Sink with hot and cold water


  • Workspace and seating for up to 10 engineering staff
  • Ultra-fast Wi-Fi


  • 6 parking spaces (2 per workshop/office)
  Area Width Length Height Door Width
Workshop 22 40.3m2 4.85m 8.3m 3.5m (lowest) 3.6m
Workshop 23 48.6m2 5.85m 8.3m 3.5m (lowest) 3.6m
Workshop 24 42.8m2 5.16m 8.3m 3.5m (lowest) 3.6m
Offices 17-25m2 - - 2.75m (lowest) -


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