Track Facilities

Custom designed, repeatable and correlated tracks


Paved Tracks

  • 3.2km (2 mile) circumference banked high speed circle allowing neutral steer operation at 160kph (100mph) and used regularly up to 240kph (150mph)
  • Hill Route is arranged in loops with extended gradients of 7, 11, 14, 17, 21 & 26% that can be repeated or by-passed as required
  • 1.45km (0.9mile) Belgian Block Pave loop with angled depressions
  • Simulated city driving course with defined speeds, stop start and reverse manoeuvre points
  • Ride and handling loop simulating rural road inputs
  • 1.6km (1.0 mile) straight and level road with downhill approach at one end
  • Special surfaces area consisting of sinusoidal and random wave forms with coarse blacktop, “cats eyes” and other “bump-thump” inducing features
  • Noise-generating range of surface constructions to generate interior noise for vehicle refinement .
  • 20 & 25% test slopes with a winch anchor point at the top of the 20% slope
  • Humped road for suspension articulation.
  • Potholes placed at strategic locations to provide severe vertical inputs
  • Driveway ramps providing body/chassis twist
  • Rough track consisting of quasi-random pattern of 25 & 50mm (1” & 2”) high concrete blocks
  • Setts which reproduce a British Military test facility
  • Concrete and steel-faced kerbs of various angles and heights
  • ABS/TCS wet surface with split capabilities for calibration and evaluation of primary safety systems
  • 137m diameter steering pad for a vast range of applications that require uninterrupted space and customisable features
  • Troughs for shallow and deep wading performance and accelerated evaluation of corrosion protection

Unpaved Tracks

  • Cross-country course with loose gradients up to 37%
  • 45 degree, 11m concrete slope
  • 60% concrete slope
  • Rock run consisting of loose and fixed boulders
  • Concrete bottomed wading pond allowing a water depth of up to 650mm
  • Semi axle bumps for evaluating suspension
  • Refinement and durability across either or both vehicle sides
  • Severe vehicle twist offering repeatable structural twist and high suspension articulation for vehicles with extreme terrain capability
  • Wading pond offering vehicle landing simulation of depths up to 1.5m
  • Concrete ditches ideal for providing severe suspension inputs
  • Ditch Run for evaluating forest track capability for off-road vehicles of all sizes
  • Cross-phased concrete motor holes
  • Series of loose and fixed logs for evaluating specialist all-terrain capability across one of the most challenging surfaces
  • 25 degree traverse for side tilt performance
  • Loose surface and sand hill climb sections
  • Off-set sinusoidal humps designed to induce maximum axle articulation
  • Gravel road which simulates North-American unpaved roads

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