Vehicle Durability

Millbrook offers vehicle & powertrain durability test schedules, plus accelerated corrosion testing and vehicle quality assessments.

Over 40 years of vehicle test operations Millbrook have developed a comprehensive suite of vehicle & powertrain durability test schedules covering a broad range of vehicle types and uses. In addition to or in combination with validation, Millbrook conducts accelerated corrosion testing and vehicle quality assessments.

With the increasing electrification of vehicle powertrains, Millbrook’s track, with its extensive hill route, has proved ideal for the validation of EV, HEV and stop/start systems

If your needs are not covered by Millbrook’s existing range of test options our specialist schedule correlation team can develop tests correlated to in-service data or other facilities around the world, tailored to suit your particular needs.

Millbrook is at the forefront of Military capability and reliability testing, working with defence clients, including a 10 year relationship with the UK MOD. Millbrook’s proving ground is home to the Battlefield Mission (BFM), the UK MOD wheeled vehicle sign-off benchmark. Together with UK MOD Millbrook have designed a set of test parameters that will test any vehicle to its in-service requirement and beyond.

People, Facilities & Equipment

  • Specialist schedule correlation team
  • Proving Ground: 70km on- and off-highway tracks with circular high speed circuit and unique Hill Route including gradients up to 26%; specialist durability surfaces & features
  • High temperature, high humidity corrosion chamber
    12m x 7m x 3.5m high maintaining 49oC and 100% RH
  • High temperature low humidity corrosion chamber
    12.1m x 2.5m x 2.5m high maintaining 50oC and < 20% RH

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