Vehicle Measurement

If it moves, we can measure it! Any vehicle system or parameter can be logged.

We have the capability to measure almost any parameter required for vehicle development or homologation on every type of vehicle. So whether your interest is in drive-by noise, braking, steering system control, vehicle noise, heating and cooling systems or the performance of any other vehicle based subsystem, we have the latest measurement and data acquisition systems to capture the information you need.
We are also experts in UK/EC/ECE automotive legislation and with a VCA team based on-site, (and experience working with many other certification agencies), we can efficiently manage your homologation testing programme through the process. Our staff can also assist you with the creation and completion of any required submission documentation.

Whether it is collecting road load data during a specific event within our comprehensive tracks, or recording real world driving to develop correlations for future laboratory or track based testing, we have the experienced staff required to and prepare test vehicle, collect the data and assist with performing the required analysis.

People, Facilities & Equipment

  • UK/EC/ECE automotive legislation experts
  • ISO10844:2011 compliant drive-by noise surface
  • Automated steering and braking robots for conducting ECE Regulation 13H tests
  • Tilt platform 9m long x 3.3m wide 42,000kg platform angle 45 degrees
  • Strain gauge / Displacement Transducer / Pressure Transducers / Thermocouple / Accelerometer / Vehicle performance and GPS data collection with multi-channel, high sampling frequency data loggers

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