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Millbrook Hosts Hyundai i30 N ‘Nth Degree Experience’ Test Drive Event for Over 400 Guests

Hyundai chose Millbrook for its exhilarating test drive event for prospective customers of the new i30 N performance hatchback.

The event was hosted over five days and attended by more than 400 guests, who competed in themed challenges and games in addition to the driving events while connected to a heart-rate monitor to measure excitement levels.

Attendees experienced Hyundai’s first performance model under the Hyundai N range on Millbrook’s varied selection of test tracks, with 16 i30N cars on-site, all finished in the Performance Blue launch colour scheme.

Millbrook’s Mile Straight allowed Hyundai to show prospective customers the performance potential of its performance hatch, while the Hill Route, set up to simulate challenging European roads, enabled drivers to replicate tight and twisty corners in the i30 N. The High Speed Bowl, featuring two miles of banked track, demonstrated the Hyundai’s stability and grip.

“i30 N is the first vehicle from Hyundai’s new performance N range and it has been engineered to deliver maximum driving pleasure - so we knew we needed to do something different for consumers in addition to standard test-drives. We wanted to design an experiential activity that was fun, competitive and that allowed people the opportunity to, not only try our new hot hatch, but to really put it through its paces. Millbrook was the ideal location for the Nth Degree Experience, offering guests the chance to really get to know i30 N and perfect their driving skills on varied and challenging routes that aren’t normally open to members of the public.”
David Pugh, Marketing Director at Hyundai Motor UK

Each of the 427 guests were accompanied by one of 15 pro drivers provided by Hyundai to give guidance on how to get the most out of the performance potential of the i30 N.

But the focus of the event was on the thrill of driving style rather than speed, with a number of skill-based challenges hosted in the hospitality buildings. Guests were connected to a heart-rate monitor throughout the driving events and challenges to measure how much the new i30 N got their hearts racing. Daily winners of the challenges were awarded with professional-assisted drives at the forthcoming World Rally Championships in Wales.

Millbrook Proving Ground offers a safe and confidential environment for vehicle testing and demonstrations.

Millbrook caters to anything from commercial vehicles to the world’s fastest performance cars. With its wide choice of venues for hire it is a perfect location for truly unique customer experiences.

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