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MAN Truck & Bus UK Hosts Full Model Range Ride & Drive at Millbrook

MAN Truck & Bus UK chose Millbrook’s proving ground in the UK for its recent ‘Range Days’ ride and drive event, with a mix of customers, dealers, press and MAN Truck & Bus employees in attendance. Around 120 delegates were present on each day.

Attendees had the chance to sample the full MAN product range of vans, trucks and buses on Millbrook’s wide selection of test tracks, in real-world driving conditions.

Millbrook’s Hill Route – with gradients up to 26% – allowed MAN to demonstrate their products’ braking and stability control systems. The City Circuit emulated city driving, as the delegates tackled road humps and tested parking assist systems. The High Speed Circuit simulated motorway conditions.

Having used Millbrook for similar events in the past, the MAN team praised the proving ground for its varied tracks and range of venues. MAN made use of Millbrook’s indoor venues for presentation staging and exhibition, which included supplier displays and guest hospitality.

“This has been one of the largest ride and drive events we have held in recent years. We are delighted to come back to Millbrook to be able to showcase our entire product range in such a superb setting with such great facilities.”
Martin Pickering, Marketing Communications Manager at MAN Truck & Bus

Millbrook provides a market-leading, safe and confidential environment for events, making it the perfect space to showcase new vehicles.

Millbrook’s test facilities comprise of 21 on-road and 30 off-road tracks and features, allowing guests to stage driving scenarios that allow for the exploration of any vehicle’s breadth of capabilities.

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