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Millbrook Hosts 5G Test Bed Launch Event With Live Track Demonstrations

Millbrook Proving Ground continues to innovate to facilitate the most engaging vehicle-related events in the industry.

As part of the AutoAir consortium, it hosted a launch of its 5G-enabled mobile network, opening doors to a new generation of vehicle technologies and guest experiences.

The event was hosted in the newly constructed Building 22, situated at the heart of the 700-acre site, famous for its test tracks and driving experiences.

Speakers, including Mansoor Hanif (CTO, Ofcom), Brendan O'Reilly (CTO, Telefónica UK) and Regius Professor Rahim Tafazolli (Director 5G Innovation Centre, University of Surrey), gave presentations on 5G to a packed auditorium. Consortium members involved in the test bed set up displays in other areas within Building 22, showcasing their innovations. Afterwards, guests were split into groups to join a series of rides around Millbrook’s High Speed Circuit to witness the technology in action.

“Millbrook has moved into the next age of connected capabilities, with this high-speed data network capable of serving a wide range of requirements. The possibilities for Millbrook as a location for events, as well as a test site, are endless with this new technology. We are delighted to see the launch taking place in our newest venue, Building 22, which has already been home to a number of high-profile events.”
Kevin Leaver, Head of Events at Millbrook

The launch event gave attendees the opportunity to witness the transmission of data at 5G-like speeds of 1Gbps, and understand the technical detail behind 5G infrastructure deployment.

Click here to find out more about Millbrook's private mobile network.

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