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SMMT Test Day

Millbrook is pleased to host the 40th annual SMMT Test Day at its proving ground in Bedfordshire, UK.

The event provides an opportunity for vehicle manufacturers to demonstrate their latest models to the UK’s national, regional and motoring press.

The event utilises Concept 1 and the adjoining Steering Pad, accommodating 160 vehicles from over 30 manufacturers.

There is also a special heritage display featuring iconic vehicles from across the last 40 years.

Attendees have the opportunity to drive the latest models from a range of manufacturers around Millbrook’s famous test tracks and gather copy and images for use throughout the year. These include the Off-Road Tracks, Hill Route, High Speed Circuit and City Course.

“The 40th SMMT Test Day is a landmark occasion and Millbrook is the perfect location to host this special event. While we celebrate decades of automotive history today, the next 40 years will see a dramatic shift in automotive innovation.”
Emma Butcher, SMMT spokesperson
“We are thrilled to host the 40th anniversary of this fantastic event. The flexibility of our venues and proximity to the test tracks is unique. The scenery of Millbrook Proving Ground is an ideal backdrop to showcase the latest in vehicle technology”.
Kevin Leaver, Head of Events at Millbrook

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