Towcar of the Year

Testing for the Caravan and Motorhome Club Towcar of the Year has taken place at Millbrook for over 20 years.

The Caravan and Motorhome Club Towcar of the Year competition is the industry’s premier towing awards, so it is only fitting that vehicle assessment is carried out at Millbrook’s world-renowned testing facility in Bedfordshire.

Testing for the competition takes place over five days, as up to 50 cars are put through their paces by a panel of seven driving judges. Cars are tested at speeds of up to 55mph on the Alpine route, which features various gradients and culminates in a 17% hill start and a 26% downhill brake test. The ability of each vehicle to join fast traffic from a standstill is also assessed on the circuit.

Judges then take the vehicles to the high-speed bowl to further assess their capabilities at speeds in excess of UK legal limits. In the safety of a controlled environment, the judges can induce some instability at 60mph to see how the cars react. The vehicles are also put through reversing examinations on the steering pad.

Administration and catering for the competition take place in the Concept Centre, which has all the facilities needed for an event of this scale. The event also makes extensive use of the steering pad as the focal point for admin control.  The vehicles are scrutinised on the steering pad and this is also where the technical and ballast checks are carried out.

Grenville Chamberlain OBE, Caravan and Motorhome Club Chairman, said,“The whole team at Millbrook is beyond compare; from catering to photographic minders; track marshals to event management – they are an efficient and professional team who are an integral part of the success of the event. Millbrook puts safety and professionalism at the heart of its operations and the staff are passionate about providing outstanding customer service.”

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